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Despite the fun & excitement of sports participation, there is a risk factor for each athlete.



We’ve spent our lives enjoying sports and athletic endeavors just like you. There is the excitement of sliding into home plate, going for an extra mile on that morning run, driving for a basket, mountain biking on your favorite trail or just going out on the slopes for some recreational winter fun. Being active can translate into stress on our tendons, joints, ligaments, muscles and bones. Though they can take quite a pounding and still come back for more, this incredible motion machine is still vulnerable to injury. Sports-related injuries can occur at the most unpredictable moment and that is where the experience, skills and compassion at Synergy Physical Therapy come into play.

Some of the more typical injuries include torn rotator cuffs, torn ligaments at the knees, broken bones, sprains and strains. Muscles and connective tissue are particularly vulnerable. Even simple muscle bruising can be quite painful.

When neck and back injuries occur, we utilize the McKenzie Method of isolating the symptoms for accelerated rehabilitation while teaching the patient how to take charge of their healing process at home. In many cases, rehabilitation through the continuous care of one of our primary therapists can reduce, or even eliminate, the need for surgery. In extreme injuries where surgery is the immediate requirement, orthopedic physicians frequently call upon us to provide postoperative care and treatment, especially for their most severe cases.

We have a wide range of effective methods & technology
to get you back in the game.

With our consistent application of specific therapies, you’ll receive the results you need to reduce or eliminate pain and lost function that so often follow injury. Recovery will depend on a variety of factors, including the severity of the injury, overall physical conditioning and age of the patient.

Though recreational and organized competitive sports have certain risks of injury, you can expect the hands-on personal treatment at Synergy Physical Therapy to help you get back in the game. And, of course, our reputation for successful collaboration with attending physicians means that patient referrals are met with hands-on, continuous care and the latest technology and techniques throughout their recovery and rehabilitation. We will also meet with team organizations to help educate athletes, parents and coaches on the various safety issues relative to each sport.

The strength of our relationships with our patients and referring physicians is based upon our consistency of quality care, trust and results.


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