Concussion Protocol

Synergy places top priority on getting patients back to sports and activities safely. Our concussion protocol consistent of a consecutive 4-day treatment designed to ensure a symptom- free return to activities/sports. The protocol involves a graduated (step by step) process as the duration and intensity of the exercise program is incrementally increased. Careful assessment of your symptoms will determine if you are ready to progress to the next level. Education is an essential part of this protocol and our therapists ensure that patients receive the proper education and instruction for progression of their individualized program.

Common causes of concussions that require our 4-day concussion protocol are:

Sports injuries

According to the CDC, sports injuries are the most common causes of concussions.


Motor vehicle accidents, work-related accidents and recreational-related accidents can result in a concussion.


Falls or slips can cause a concussion if the head receives force from the fall.

Patients will be monitored carefully for the appearance of symptoms and vital signs during exercise regimes. We work with each person closely, intent on progressing slowly toward increasing activity tolerance without crossing the symptom threshold. Individualized treatment that determines both the planning and pacing of activities is essential both at home and the clinic setting.

Concussions can impact many aspects of the brain, including memory, balance, coordination, and concentration. Treatment that focuses on education and a gradual return to activities can help ensure a safe recovery.