Fitness Center

Are you ready to have more energy, be more productive and optimize your physical fitness? Here at Synergy, we’re dedicated to treating the whole person and our fitness programs are designed to help you feel your very best. Your health is paramount to your well-being. Synergy’s facility is designed with a broad scope to meet anyone’s needs, no matter what their current level of physical fitness. Our fitness facility is open to the public as well as our past and current physical therapy patients, so it’s available to everyone.

Fitness Assessment and Customized Fitness Program

Whether you are just beginning a fitness regimen, looking to gain strength and flexibility after an injury or surgery, or wanting to increase athletic performance to your peak level, our professional team is here to guide you. When you come into our welcoming fitness facility, one of our licensed PT’s will complete a full fitness assessment that includes reviewing your medical history. During your one-hour, one-on-one assessment, a therapist will listen to your fitness needs and goals and help devise an appropriate fitness program tailored to you. The fitness assessment (a $75 cost) is an excellent value because it includes the assessment, custom fitness program, set-up and orientation. The $75 fee is waived for physical therapy patients that have recently completed their recovery at Synergy within the last 3 months.

Leading Fitness Facility

Our expansive, 3,500 square-foot facility includes the finest fitness equipment with a wide variety of options for both cardio and strength training, including ellipticals, arc trainers, stationary bikes, and much more. The warm, friendly atmosphere allows you to achieve your fitness goals in a relaxed, no-pressure environment. Our convenient location is close to a variety of shops and restaurants.

No-Contract Membership

Free from annual membership requirements and restrictive long-term contracts, Synergy provides a hassle free fitness program with no contract. Simply pay the low $35 monthly fee. This is a pay-as-you go program, so you just pay month-to-month as you use the facilities.


Synergy’s fitness program can help you lose weight, increase bone density, gain strength, improve muscle tone and flexibility, improve athletic performance, gain energy, and vastly improve your overall health. As licensed physical therapists, we’ll ensure that your fitness program is safe and appropriate, so you can be comfortable and confident on your road to better fitness. Incorporating physical activity into your day can also boost mood and improve concentration. Revitalize your health and take charge of your life by contacting us for your fitness assessment today.

Hours of Operation

We offer convenient hours Monday through Saturday, so you can stop in before or after work, on a lunch break, or anytime during our open business hours. Our fitness center is available the following hours:

  • Monday through Thursday -- 7:00am to 7:00pm
  • Friday -- 7:00am to 6:00pm
  • Saturday -- 8:00am to 12:00pm