Patient Stories

“Rehabbing an arm injury wasn’t fun, but I am glad Synergy was there for me. Specifically, Jeff Dillon’s personal attention and caring approach got me through a tough time. Jeff understands the baseball mindset. He has even gone as far as to print up documents on my injury to help me better my understanding. Synergy Physical Therapy has given me the best and most caring therapy out of anywhere I have gone. I would recommend it to anyone, especially baseball players.”

-- Zack W.

“I began going to Synergy more than 10 years ago when I had both my knees replaced. That's when I met Bonnie and Jodi. The two of them were very knowledgeable and caring in regard to the rehab treatment that I would be receiving from them for my knees and they also communicated to me very well what was expected on my part to facilitate the rehab process. They were extremely patient with me and took the time needed to help me understand the exercises they had me doing. They also monitored closely the progress I was making; I knew I was in good hands! It wasn't easy, but I know that without them both, I would not have made the awesome recovery that I did. When they opened up the fitness center I joined to maintain my knees, and they set me up with specific exercises on various fitness machines. Synergy has grown since I started going there, due mostly to the hard work and positive attitude of Bonnie, Jodi and the entire staff, who also share their upbeat and positive attitude (even if the patients do not). Over the years I have recommended Synergy to many of my friends and each and every one were glad they chose Synergy for their rehab. I would not ever consider another place to go for PT, because Synergy is simply the BEST!”

--Ray C.

“Synergy PT addresses the whole person! I have been the recipient of their services four times since 2013 -- knee replacement, hip replacement, fracture of femur & BPPVC (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo). I have been treated with respect, no matter what physical and mental condition I was in. I have found each staff member to be professional, knowledgeable, courteous, loving, interested, reliable and concerned. From therapists and aides to business manager and receptionist, they are all hands-on -- and care! I am grateful to Synergy for restoring me to the health I now enjoy. Thank you!”

-- Elisabeth L.

“I have been to Synergy for both physical therapy as well as the fitness center. Jeff was paramount in my recovery from severe back problems and helping me transition over to the fitness center. Physical therapy at Synergy and continuing to exercise at their fitness center has been very beneficial to me. The staff at Synergy will answer any questions you have and be happy to show you how to use the exercise equipment. Everyone there is kind and helpful. I highly recommend Synergy for physical therapy, fitness or both.”

--Maria H.

“I experienced two separate health issues which required physical therapy each time. My therapist, Jodi Mascera, was my cure-all at Synergy. Her knowledge and experience with my injuries were outstanding in my treatment and recovery. I usually saw Jodi three times weekly and noticed an improvement with each visit. After my recovery, I opted to join the adjoining gym, which was a wise decision on my part as I continue to concentrate on my weaknesses and get stronger. To be honest, sometimes it's an effort to get to the gym, but I know it's to my benefit. The gym at Synergy is a friendly, helpful environment. If I have questions or need help in the gym, the therapists are only steps away. The personal care I received was special to me, and most impressive is that I'm not a number; I have a name. I highly recommend Synergy Physical Therapy and Synergy Gym.”

-- Carol M.

“I have been going to Synergy Fitness since they opened. The front desk staff, Stacy and Irene, are friendly and helpful to all members. The fitness portion has several machines with weights and numerous bikes and treadmills to satisfy the needs of all. It is a great place to work on fitness and everyone goes at their own pace. There is even a large bed fór stretching whenever anyone feels the need. Members get to know one another and employees on a personal level, and friendships are often formed. Also, there is no contract here. Another unique aspect is the fact that this gym is openly connected to Synergy Physical Therapy, sharing the same entrance. Many people attend for therapy and continue to exercise on the fitness side, or vice versa as I did when I had back problems a few years ago. Bonnie was my therapist and she helped me tremendously. Bonnie, Jodi and Jeff are all extremely knowledgeable, excellent therapists and are willing to answer any questions that you may have, even when you are only going for fitness. I am very pleased with the totality of services at Synergy and highly recommend them.”

-- Lydia G.

“We immediately felt that we were in good hands from the moment we walked in. The front desk associate was so helpful, patient and courteous. The physical therapists were all knowledgeable and spent the proper amount of time with my son. Bonnie, the owner, is fabulous. She makes you feel like your injury is her injury. She diagnosed problems earlier than doctors, and she gives out the exercises to make you better. She goes above and beyond! I could never go anywhere else! Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping my son.”

-- Elissa H.

“Thanks to synergy, December 1st, 2018, will be three years as a member. I went from 205 pounds in 2015 to 175 pounds in 2018, and I feel better at 72 than I did at 52. I have also made 30 or more friends over the three years. I attend the gym section five or six mornings a week, and the PT staff is always available to answer questions about your workout. Besides being physically fit, the experience has also helped me become more mentally fit.”

-- Bill J.

“In the summer of 2017 I started coming to Synergy for Physical Therapy with leg, back, and shoulder weakness. Upon finishing therapy, I decided I needed daily physical exercise and signed up for a gym program where my wife is enrolled. After a month I realized they had neither the equipment nor personnel there that was geared to my abilities and age (90+). I then returned to Synergy and enrolled in the general physical exercise program using equipment I felt more comfortable with. Along with this is the fact that the personnel at Synergy are more keen to my abilities and, it would seem, more aware of my age limitations. There is always someone around to ask a question and they are very helpful in showing me how to use any machine that I have not tried before. All of this makes my wife more comfortable since she is not there while I am exercising. I am glad I made the choice to be at Synergy.”

--Dalton Z.

“Synergy Fitness is my morning energizer. Once I retired, I knew I needed to find a place where I could exercise and have knowledgeable people available to me if I had questions. The staff at Synergy is friendly and will gladly answer questions and assist you if necessary. I have been faithfully going to Synergy for over four years. Friendships have developed with many of the other people exercising there. Not only are we getting fit physically, but we have also developed important social bonds. If you are around you may hear us talking about our next breakfast together!”

-- Betsy H.

“Ten years ago I suffered a knee injury that required emergency surgery, a stay in a rehab facility and follow-up outpatient physical therapy. Synergy, then a newly opened facility, was recommended by a staff member. I gave them a try, finding the staff to be highly competent, caring and compassionate. Four years later a similar injury to my other knee with similar consequences caused me to return to Synergy without hesitation, where I knew the highest level of professionalism awaited me. Since then I have availed myself a physical fitness program designed by staff to fit my needs and abilities. I intend to continue as long as circumstances permit -- because they care. “

-- Steve N.

“Synergy Physical Therapy gets a 5 STAR rating from me. I am so pleased with the friendly, knowledgeable staff, the cleanliness of the facility and most of all the outcome of my conditions. I always look forward to my visits there. Thank you, Synergy.”

--Joyce S.

“I have used Synergy twice when my doctor prescribed physical therapy. I couldn't be more pleased. On my initial visit, Bonnie made a thorough evaluation in order to fully understand my problem. She also wanted to understand my goals in order to establish the best treatment plan for me. What I loved most was the way she explained the reason for my pain, in terms I could fully understand, and how her plan of care would get me back hiking trails again. Bonnie's personalized treatment plan and care exceeded my expectations!”

-- Karen H.

"I highly recommend Synergy Physical Therapy and cannot praise their caring therapists enough! My then 8 year old son started there in a wheelchair after dislocating and fracturing his hip socket during a football scrimmage and underwent two surgeries. Bonnie was so caring, encouraging and professional and immediately bonded with my son and made his physical therapy sessions fun for him. Bonnie regularly corresponded with my son's surgeon at a prestigious hospital in NY to ensure safe exercises consistent with the doctors orders. Five months later, my son literally ran out of Synergy with no restrictions and was able to return to the active athlete that he was! Without hesitation, I highly recommend Synergy Physical Therapy! "

-- Laura S.

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Synergy Physical Therapy. Sadly my family and I have been there for many things from Severs to plantar fasciitis, to sprained ankles and back and neck pain. They use so many different techniques to help from stretches and exercises to laser therapy or my favorite graston. They have cured it all.”

-- Richard I.

“Just a short note to thank you and the entire staff at Synergy Therapy for being tentative, caring, and professional while I was under your care for a knee injury that I recently had. When I first had the injury I feared the worst but your expertise in therapy quickly calmed my fears. Your understanding of my injury with me being a college aged athlete who needed to heal and strengthen my knee so I could return, ready to play baseball in the upcoming season is very much appreciated and a complete success. You worked closely with what my doctor prescribed and enabled me to get back on track at an extremely fast pace. Not only did you help me heal with the therapy but I was also amazed of your knowledge with sports injury rehabilitation. I enjoyed our conversations about sports and fitness. I would highly recommend Synergy Physical Therapy, especially for sports injuries.”

-- Thank you again, Tommy M.